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Owner / Operator of ShadowStreak Productions


My name is Nina Oberlin. I grew up in the tiny town of Rogue River, Oregon. So small that if you blinked driving by, you would miss it. The funny thing is, it hasn’t changed. I was that kid that was barefoot and dirty all the time, living in my own little world. There was not much to do, considering all there was, were farms and mountains, which became my place of adventure. I spent most of my time making tree forts and finding places to hide, and letting my imagination run wild.
Growing up was tough; you had to find ways to entertain yourself. As a teenager, I learned how to bake, taught myself how to sew, to do different paper crafts. Pretty much if something was some form of art, I did it. There was lots of time that I spent hanging with my dad in his shop. He made lots of furniture, decorative pieces and different cabinetry projects. He taught me a lot about how to build things in different sizes and with different types of woods.
My family was always into movies. There was a tiny video store that was out of someone’s house about three miles from my house. My brother and I would ride our bikes and find as many interesting movies as we could to bring home. This was when I discovered all the classic Boris Karloff movies and old classic horror films. I was hooked. All I thought was how fun it would be to learn to do this. But it was not till I saw the Nightmare before Christmas that I was like, this is it! I want to do this!
As with anything, though, life tends to take you in all different directions. When my kids were about 9 and 11, I decided to take the plunge and finally start working toward what I had always wanted to do. It was that time that I spent with my dad doing all those woodworking projects that gave me a knowledge of building, that I never thought I would use. And now here I am, getting to make amazing sets and bring my designs to life. Those adventures that I dreamed about as a kid are finally coming true.

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